Car Rental Damage Insurance: What Vehicle Types Are Covered & Which Aren't?

Rental vehicles can come in many shapes and sizes, and unfortunately the idea of rental car damage insurance being “one-size-fits-all” doesn’t exist to our knowledge, given the varied risks associated with off-road vehicles to exotic sports cars. So, it wouldn’t surprise you that we’ve received literally dozens and dozens of emails, and comments from customers wanting to establish once and for all, if the vehicle they are about to rent is covered by the rental car insurance policy or not.

What prompted this article was an email exchange with a customer who regularly goes on road trips with his wife and 2-3 other retired couples. Choosing the right vehicle for such a trip isn’t as straight forward as one would think. He observed that minivans were too small for their group, and full-sized SUV’s are too expensive! Hence, he was looking to rent a 9-to-15-seat full size van. Now does our coverage insure such a vehicle? Only up to 9 seaters are covered.