Car Insurance in Russia Skyrockets and More Than Toes Curl

Car Insurance in Russia Curls More Than Toes

While Russia may not be on everybody’s holiday bucket list, there are times when we may need to visit to secure a vital business deal. We wrote this post to alert wannabee visitors to the current status of car insurance in Russia, and the very real possibility they may be underinsured if they hire a rental car. 


Things to Watch Out For with Car Insurance in Russia


Car insurance is compulsory in Russia, but the central bank determines rates. The economy is in bad shape with car sales down, and there is an unhealthy gap between insured amounts, and repair costs. The government has been trying to narrow this difference, and those on fixed incomes including elderly people are taking heavy knocks.

Moreover, there is now a surcharge for some higher risk regions. This effectively doubles what some car hirers pay, compared to five years ago. Pteet recommends taking additional gap cover over and above standard car insurance rates in Russia. Insurer’s liabilities are continuing to soar as a weak Russian rouble pushes up the cost of imported spare parts, and they are not taking prisoners.


No Worries, Say Russians, We’ll Curl More Than Our Toes


When it gets truly cold and the lakes are solid ice, the Russians slide heavy polished granite stones across them in a bizarre form of hockey called ‘curling’. They may use wooden sliders to guide them onto the button, and it’s actually quite an art.

The Washington Post has revealed that Russians have taken to curling with old cars they can’t afford to insure or repair. Apparently, an auto insurance agent named Galina Kirkach invented the sport because, “We constantly see accidents on the road ... and we thought that this would attract people’s attention to the need for car insurance in Russia.”

We’ll take this one on advice, even though the Washington Post swears it’s gospel and there is a grainy video. As they say, “Russians have given the world a lot: great works of literature, fantastic ballet, glorious opera, um, vodka. It would not be a surprise to learn that that latter item played a role in Russia’s latest present to humanity .. car curling”.

Pteet thinks it sounds like an excellent idea to make sure you have adequate car insurance in Russia, especially when renting a vehicle and driving anywhere near a frozen lake.

Image: World First Car Curling Event: YouTube Raw