California Car Renters Insurance

With around 40 million residents, California is the most populous state in the US, with its idyllic setting along the Pacific coastline. Nicknamed the ‘Golden State’, it is the third most extensive state in terms of area – Alaska claiming first prize and Texas second on the podium. No surprise then that its motto is ‘Eureka’, which probably alludes to the feeling of elation for those fortunate to ‘discover’ this western wonderland.


Something Unique Down California Way


A combination of great climate and some of the most scenic coastline anywhere in the world makes vintage car hire a fantastic option. California has all the right attributes to make this option reality. If you are thinking of vintage car hire for your event of a lifetime, remember to ask about coverage options. Pteet offers peace of mind for conventional vehicle hire with their amazing California car renters insurance.


Extraordinary Events Need Special Handling


Special events like weddings should remain a fabulous and indelible memory for your lifetime. There is no better way to celebrate than arriving in a head-turning auto from yesteryear. We are describing the rental of a golden-oldie vintage car, and there are operators well qualified and willing to assist in California.


Open Your Mind and Picture the Scene


The good news is that legendary vintage car rental is within reach, and we want to share the reasons why people choose the classic car styles on offer. No prizes for guessing why wedding and engagement functions are among the leaders when it comes to jaw-opening events. Picture the scene on that special day:

# Weddings and Special Occasions – Don’t just arrive. Make a grand entrance! Weddings, engagements, birthdays and standout anniversaries are great events to commemorate. You could choose from an impressive catalogue of stunning beauties from yesteryear.

 # Photo Shoots and Movies – Choosing a classic car makes all the difference, and provides mobility to cover many breathtaking scenes in quick succession. You need the perfect backdrop and ideal subject for your photo shoot. Simply make your choice and be sure to add your California renters insurance from

 # Corporate Events and Classic Car Tours – Can you imagine a better way to get the message across if you plan to host a product launch, incentive program, or a unique PR stunt? Of course not, and a superb classic car will take your corporate event to ballistic levels. No better way to make a lasting impression on the guests you invited


New Rental Car Ideas Brought to You from Pteet


Owing to age and scarcity factor, vintage car coverage is only available through the vehicle owner or rental car agency. At least we opened your mind to new ideas in rental car options. Remember to add your California car renters insurance for Damage Protection for conventional car hire. offers an affordable alternative to expensive car rental insurance purchased at the rental desk.


Image Information and acknowledgement: Author: Lglswe BY CC 3.0