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Hiring a rental vehicle is always exciting, and provides the opportunity to explore new horizons and view new scenery to enrich travel experiences. That is the upside; the downside is the murky world of rental company car hire insurance.

When it comes to auto rental insurance, it is incredibly hard to understand something that should be transparent. It is imposing in terms of options and choices, and it is prohibitively expensive. It does not need to be this way, please read on.


Budget Car Rental Insurance Unveiled


In essence, the waivers offered at the rental desk are not insurance in the true sense, but rather exemption from liability should some mishap occur during your rental. The reality is that rental car insurance wallows in a shroud of misty smoke and mirrors, and it can prove very costly to the renter. Pteet.com want to help you avoid this.


Simple Question: Is Rental Car Insurance Required, or Not?


Straightforward answers are in short supply at the rental desk, which makes rental car insurance a thorny issue for all renters. The difficulty is down to what is and, what is not covered under varying circumstances. From a renter’s viewpoint, any rental agreement is a nightmare in itself. What are you accepting and declining?


Enter: Pteet.com


Your ultimate all-embracing - rather than embarrassing - solution. Sure, you can look at coverage from your credit card, then there’s also the possibility of auto policy cover. Both need careful checking before finally deciding. Click here for the real rental car insurance deal. No fuss, no confusion, just straightforward coverage available online in minutes.


Consequential Situations


When your turn at the rental desk arrives, you could face agent threats that you have to purchase Budget's insurance, or no hire down. This is pressure selling, and is totally illegal under US law. Simply wave your Pteet contract and the agent, and remind them of the difference between primary third party insurance and waivers.


Life is all about Choices


That’s right, as consumers we each have the right to know what we are letting ourselves in for. When you buy a car, you know that your rights are entrenched. If it turns out you made the wrong choice, you have protection under law. Renters do not have the same basic rights when renting a vehicle. Rental car insurance waivers are as clear as mud.


Budget Car Rental Insurance


We hope we have convinced you to shop around and look for quality products such as the offerings found at Pteet.com. Don’t be left unsure as the renter; be certain with one of Pteet’s two plans that will leave you with that ‘covered feeling’!