Better Hope That Fellow Remembered His Pteet

Better Hope That Fellow Remembered His Pteet

Our heart reaches out to that poor fellow with the silver car rental. At least in this case the damage looks repairable, but costly nevertheless. We dedicate this post to the types of collision damage cover he ought to have considered before he drove the car. Let’s call him Jeremino to make things livelier. We chatted to a certain lawyer and this is what she told us.


Personal Responsibility for Damage to the Rental Car


Well in the first instance Jeremino should have known, and fully acknowledged he was personally liable to pay for all accident damage. He signed his rights away before they gave him the ignition key. This was quite correct. He was responsible for the vehicle while he had possession.


Rental Company Waivers Do Not Cover Negligence


Next, Jeremino should have known that car rental companies are not allowed to sell accident damage insurance, because they do not have a license to do so. Instead, they agree to pick up the tab in exchange for a pile of greenbacks to pay for a collision damage waiver.

However, these collision damage waivers are not open-ended. If Jeremino caused the accident through his own negligence, then his waiver would have automatically terminated. Jeremino’s only recourse would be to take the company to court and prove he was driving with due care. This would be a tough call unless he had a credible witness.


Credit Card Insurance Can Be a Can of Worms


Thirdly, if Jeremino assumed his credit card would pay out if the waiver failed, then he was taking a chance. In the first instance, he must have chosen a card that included the cover. And secondly made sure the cover was sufficient for an incident like this.

Of course, if the rental contract were in his company’s name then his credit card would not cover it because there was no name match. Finally, it would not have covered the damage in any case, because signing the rental damage waiver invalidated that cover. Jeremino had better hope he remembered to ask about Pteet Insurance and took it.


How Pteet Can Be a Sweet Breath of Fresh Air


Pteet offers primary insurance for rental car damage and loss. This would have kicked in the instant Jeremino paid $9 a day for up to $40,000 cover. He would have had no deductible to pay up to this amount. Moreover, if he lost his baggage in the accident, he would have had cover for up to $1,000 for that too. Geronimo!

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Better Hope That Fellow Remembered His Pteet: Chris Yarzab BY CC 2.0