Arkansas Car Renters Insurance


Arkansas, also called ‘The Natural State’, is in the southeastern corner of the United States. It has Little Rock as capital, with Central Arkansas the largest metro. Ranked 29th in terms of territory, it has a population of just under 3 million, positioning it 33rd in the state headcount league. Arkansas borders Missouri (north), Louisiana (south), Oklahoma (west), Texas (southwest), and Tennessee and Mississippi to the east.


The Best of Both Worlds for Car Rental Users


Geographically, Arkansas divides into two halves, with the lowlands covering the southeastern parts, and the highlands towering above in the northwestern sector. This makes it ideal for hire vehicles, remembering to take out easy-to-understand Arkansas car renters insurance available from All we ask of you is to make sure you arrange and confirm cover before driving off in your rental hire.


Choose from Two Plans


# Option 1 - Click here and browse Pteet’s Car Rental Damage Protector Policy applying to the state of Arkansas. Managed by Allianz Travel Insurance, our 6-page Individual Travel Insurance Policy even covers risks that you won’t find offered at the rental desk. Of course, we do prefer you to read and understand the cover you are requesting from

# Option 2 – Annual Rental Plan; this suits the frequent traveler planning multiple visits to Arkansas. This plan covers collision and loss or damage, with coverage costs $125.00 per year. Call one of our Pteet agents on (866) 8844-3556 to find out more.


Naturally Beautiful Arkansas!


The ‘Natural State’ offers affordable family vacations, romantic getaways and, of course, business conferencing facilities. Find discounted vacation package deals, book a room online, or enjoy fun family attractions and activities. On the explorer's menu are hunting, fishing, hiking and camping – almost forgot cave visiting! Take in a real diamond mine, or brush up on Civil War history. Exploring the natural scenic beauty of Arkansas is great behind the wheel of a rental car – click here to view the options.


Tips for Arkansas Car Renters Insurance


The Rental Car Damage Protector provides up to $40,000 in primary coverage for just $9 per day – this covers rental car damage, rental vehicle theft or replacement. Avoid upselling practices often encountered at the rental desk when you opt for Arkansas car renters insurance from Pteet. Moreover, consign potentially crippling out-of-pocket expenses such as a deductible to history with our Car Rental Damage Protector.

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