Amex Car Rental Insurance

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Collecting your rental vehicle from the parking lot usually points to fun times ahead, be it for business or leisure. Using an eligible Amex Card to make the booking, and then cover the entire vehicle hire costs, can set you in line to decline the CDW/LDW at the rental counter. However, certain exclusions and restrictions apply should you have to make a claim if your rental auto suffers a mishap resulting in damage, or loss of the vehicle.


Amex Car Rental Insurance


Be aware that Amex car rental insurance provides secondary coverage and excludes liability cover. Coverage applies only for the first 30 days of a vehicle rental when rented from a registered rental company. It is important to note that not all vehicle types or rentals are covered. Different terms and conditions apply to the many card types available from Amex (over 50 Card variations). Click here to find more about the policy conditions applying to each Card type under Amex Car Rental Insurance coverage.


It Works Like This


If the rental vehicle you've aligned to your Card is stolen or suffers damage, you need to file a claim online straightaway, or call 1-800-338-1670 and lodge the claim. You will have to provide copies of your rental car agreement, insurance information, repair bills, and police / incident reports.

Then, Amex Assurance Company, Administrative Office in Phoenix, AZ reviews your claim, which typically takes about 45 days. You can check your claim status anytime online or by calling 1-800-338-1670. If approved, Amex will reimburse you for eligible expenses on your Card covered by the Amex Car Rental Insurance plan.


Straightforward Question: Is Rental Car Insurance Required, or Not?


Most rental agents are well groomed to supply confusing information that scares you into accepting their expensive self-insure LDW/CDW waivers. This makes rental car insurance a thorny issue for all renters. The difficulty is down to what is and, and what is not covered under varying circumstances. From the renter’s position, the rental agreement is merely a 15-page document confirming the rights of the rental company.


Amex Car Rental Insurance vs


You may look at coverage from your Card, but investigate carefully before relying on this form of secondary cover. Click here for a more affordable alternative to car rental insurance purchased at the rental desk. Get real Rental Car Damage Insurance then get driving.