Alaska Car Renters Insurance




A quick geography tutorial before homing on the importance of Alaska car renters insurance. Did you know that Alaska is the largest state in the US by area? So plenty of land then, but less than a million people makes it the third least populous out of the 50 states. Something else that sets Alaska apart is the astonishing acquisition of this sparkling winter wonderland from the Russian Empire on March 30, 1867. With a modest US$7.2 million the purchase price, you can bet your bottom dollar that Vladimir Putin has airbrushed that out of Russian history!


Alaska Welcomes Visitors


The futuristic motto of ‘North to the Future’ combined with the state nickname ‘The Last Frontier’ both help make Alaska a very popular tourist destination for many North Americans. If you are thinking of joining the merry throng, you probably plan to pick up a rental car from the country’s largest city, Anchorage, in South Central Alaska. The state capital is the City and Borough of Juneau in Southeast region.


Things to Do and Traveling Alaska


How broad is your imagination? What level adrenalin junkie are you? These are important considerations when plotting your itinerary for your upcoming visit to Alaska. Among the most famous locations in Alaska are its breathtaking natural attractions, and visitors can experience these top locations best by rental car. Alaska is a natural destination for outdoor activities like skiing, mountain biking and kayaking. Get inspired; click here and view the myriad of magical events you can engage in during your visit to Alaska.


Before Signing Your Rental Agreement


Carefully check your Alaska car renters insurance with the rental agent before signing any agreement wherever you plan to land. Keep in mind that car hire companies are in business to make money, and one of the easiest ways of generating income is to offload unnecessary and expensive cover on the uniformed car renter. You can cover your liability affordably by opting for Pteet's Rental Car Damage Protector. This is available to car renters as long as they request cover before driving off.


Alaska Car Renters Insurance vs Outrageous Cover Quotes at the Rental Desk


Pteet's Rental Car Damage Protector provides up to $40,000 in primary coverage for just $9 per day. So you can drive happily knowing that mishaps encountered when traveling are covered. These include damage to the rental car in addition to vehicle theft, or if your rental vehicle needs replacing. Importantly, cover extends to Loss of Use Car Rental and Diminished Value too should these affect your claim.

Image: Anchorage on an April Evening: Frank K BY CC 2.0