AAA Car Rental Insurance

Augustus Post, an original founder of the American Automobile Association, driving his 1905 White Steamer in New York City parade; Source: Detroit Public Library Digital Collections; Author: Nick Lazarnick; Public domain


Originally established in 1902 by nine motor clubs with fewer than 1500 members, AAA now has 55.6 million members in North America. The American Automobile Association is a federation of motor clubs throughout North America. AAA is a privately held national member association.


AAA Car Rental Insurance


Familiar scene: You just stepped off the plane, and eagerly await your turn at the rental car counter. Your mind is elsewhere as visions of sunny weather and beach activities play out in your mind. Suddenly your turn comes and the rental agent pulls up your reservation.  “Would you like to purchase our optional insurance coverage?” they ask.

Actually, it is not insurance at all but rather a form of self-insurance offered by the rental giants. Many renters feel obliged to accept the cover offered, fearing they will be all alone and vulnerable should a mishap occur during their hire. In reality, it is a form of extortion as the rental company cashes in on exorbitant rates for the so-called waiver.


The Insurance Angle of Renting an Auto


Hertz is AAA's exclusive car rental partner. AAA members receive exclusive discounts, rates and benefits on Hertz car rental products. Brands include Hertz, Dollar and Thrifty.  Depending on your level of membership (AAA Plus, or AAA Premier), renters may find their AAA Auto policy provides cover for their rental vehicle.


AAA Car Rental Insurance


If you have a full-coverage auto policy, it may cover rental cars in the US, subject to deductibles. Before collecting your rental auto, review your policy and declaration pages so that you are familiar with the level of protection you have in place. This also provides renters with confidence when negotiating at the rental counter.


One for the Road


Before jumping in your rental vehicle and heading off in pursuit of the wild blue yonder, check your auto insurance is still valid and up to date. If you plan to share the driving, make sure that the other driver name/s appear on your Rental Agreement. They should also be in good standing in terms of the qualifying criteria for rental car drivers.


Best Advice of All


Trying to align what the rental giants offer renters under “insurance cover” is like attempting to fit a square peg in a round hole – it simply cannot work. Taking Primary Rental Car Damage Insurance is as easy as going online at

Provide the information requested and we will email cover details and confirmation about your benefits. Just show this to the rental agent and tell them you have all the cover you need. What could be easier?